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Michael Schindler

36 years old, from Berlin, Germany

Traveled to 35+ countries

Hi there! I'm a hobby travel photographer based in Germany.

While I have a variety of interests, my photos are mainly focused around nature, wildlife, architecture, art and aviation.

So far I've been to more than 35 countries and traveled a distance of more than 10x around earth. Some of my personal highlights include Galapagos Islands, Borneo rain forest, the Andes, Vietnam and the active vulcanos Etna, Cotopaxi and Sierra Negra.

Besides traveling, I have a passion for aviation and modern art. I have flown Cold War jet fighter, WW2 bi-plane and have been on almost all types of commercial airliners.

My photos have been recognized by National Geographic, AOL, Discovery Channel and several others.

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Greatest Adventure

Apart from living with wild bushmen in the Borneo rain forest, with no electricity or any other modern amenities, my greatest adventure so far was an expedition to Galapagos Islands. The passage to Isabela Island, 3hrs on the open Pacific Ocean with just a small outboard motor fishing boat and high waves was also one of the most dangerous trips.


Favorite Place

Southwest Florida

Favorite City

Hong Kong, Singapore, London

Greatest Nature


Favorite Country


Looking for my Aviation Shots?

Aviation is my second passion, may it be flying with great planes or going to air shows