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Featured – Colorful King Vulture

King Vulture

King Vulture

This photo was featured in National Geographic story “Birds of a Feather” and shows the colorful head of a South American King Vulture. Vultures in general are often associated with ugliness and disgust. My intension was to show that these birds can be beautiful and colorful, indeed.

National Geographic says:

“Vultures are often portrayed as ugly scavengers, and are not really appreciated for their unique aesthetic sensibility much less celebrated for their significant contributions as carrion consumers to an ecological niche….this image shows the king in all its splendor. Also this vulture is just so very beautiful, and this portrait shows paints it as perceptive, astute personality.”
— Asher Jay, National Geographic Explorer and Creative Conservationist

Getty Images

This photo has also been selected by Getty Images and is available for commercial licensing under following link:

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